As a follow-up to the Top 25 African American PR Millennials series recently published in Huffington Post, Gwendolyn Quinn, writer and global media and communications strategist, partnered with Antonice Jackson, President of the National Black Public Relations Society’s Washington, D.C., Chapter (BPRS-DC), to release the “Will Coloan, also known as Brennan Williams, a producer of themed mixes and playlists. Coloan has curated music for a wide variety of entertainment, corporate and lifestyle projects, brands and events including the Black Portraiture Conference, presented in New York, Italy and South Africa; Misty Copeland’s Dance Tribute to Wynton Marsalis; and the African American Museum of Philadelphia’s 40th Anniversary Gala in honor of media trailblazers Cathy Hughes and Alfred Liggins, among numerous others.

“We are honored and grateful that Will Coloan gave so generously of his time and talent to the PR millennials,” said Quinn. “As one of the top music sequencers and mixers on the scene today, through this playlist, he has creatively elevated the story of the millennials to another level. As cliché as it sounds, music is the soundtrack of our lives and the heartbeat of our world. You can learn a lot about a person by the music they listen to and consume. Music is the one universal language that bonds and connects us. And as an extension to celebrating black PR millennials, we wanted to honor them in every way possible.”

Recently, Quinn and Jackson acknowledged the contributions and achievements of young African American communications professionals in the world of public relations. The Q&A profiles represented talent in a wide range of industries, including corporate, government, politics, health care, non-profit, entertainment and lifestyle, sports, fashion, beauty, faith-based, and special events. The selections made included PR professionals across the country and were based on the following criteria: top leader in his or her company or profession, influential in their industry and making positive contributions, forward thinkers, inspiring role models and mentors, and active in their communities and beyond.

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