From tragedy, death, fear, and rejection to TRIUMPH, Qwan Tisdale, emerges from the ashes.  Born in a small town in North Carolina, this young Artist, Songwriter, Author, and Minister started singing at a young age. “Every morning I woke up, all throughout the day, even in my sleep so I’ve been told, I was singing,” recalls the Gospel Singer. Qwan’s pure love for God and passion for music has pushed him to front and center.

Just two years shy of graduating High School on July 28, 2009 he married his childhood sweetheart, Jamella, and in 2010 he moved his family to the state of Pennsylvania where he found spiritual guidance and realized it was time to share his experiences with the world.  He published his first book titled “The Broken Silence” revealing many tragedies that he had encountered throughout his childhood. By the close of 2012 Qwan was writing and producing on his first independent project.

On March 23, 2013 Qwan and his wife were blessed to bring into the world another son after previously having three miscarriages and one ectopic pregnancy. On August 2, 2013 Qwan and his family were on their way to his first CD release concert, when a tractor trailer turned in front of him and caused a horrifying fatal accident. Tisdale’s 25 year old wife, 9 year old son, and 4 month old son did not survive the accident. Leaving only Qwan and his daughter survivors.

On October 15, 2015 Qwan appeared in Deitrick Haddon’s Choir for his Musical Masterpiece Experience filmed in Philadelphia.

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