When God speaks, it’s vital for us to listen and obey his instructions regarding the direction we should take in life.  This statement became a reality for Contemporary Gospel artist, pastor, author and songwriter Sue Neil.  Born and raised in London, Sue Neil’s music career did not begin with a song directed to God, but through obedience and faith, she was later redirected to God and her destiny.

Her music career began in mainstream music recording, writing, performing and touring singing lead and back ground vocals with various producers, artists and bands.  Although her talents were being used and applauded, Sue knew there was a missing link.  That missing link was the spiritual connection she had as a young girl ministering with her family’s Gospel band.  During that time she discovered the gift that God had given her.

“I had been singing and playing keyboards with my siblings The Noel Family Gospel Band from the early age of 7yrs old,” Sue shares.  “I remember having a big voice for a little girl and I realized during school assemblies that I could sing and stay in tune when others around me couldn’t.  My first recording session as a backing vocalist happened at 12 years old. I wrote my first song five years later, and since then I’ve written over three hundreds songs.”

Growing and maturing throughout life has brought the anointed singer and minister to a current unyielding place of sharing the love she has for God and the gospel message of hope.  Her recent album THROUGH THE FIRE is available on iTunes and all digital music outlets.  Sue’s single from that album, “More Than A Conqueror”, is impacting the Gospel Radio Charts in the U.S.

Listen To “More Than A Conqueror”

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