Singer and songwriter Javon Inman is a man after God’s heart.  His life reflects that of authentic worship, selfless servitude and a zealous spirit to please God which is then revealed through his music.  He has fueled his powerful music ministry with a debut independent album HEART OF A WORSHIPPER (2011), which earned him thirteen indie music awards, and hit singles “Beautiful Girl” (2014) and “Empty Me” (2015).  Javon now prepares to release his sophomore album AGAPE EROS.

Inman is very clear about his assignment.  “God created me to write the music in His heart for the strengthening of His people,” he shares.  “It’s never about me. Our world is in pretty bad shape, and no surprise to God of course, but He’s looking for a few that will repair breeches one by one through love in this tumultuous society.”

“My new album seeks to be that agent of change that extends to all and purposed to transform lives through love,” he continues.  “This entire record was birthed out of obedience, so I expect miracles because it’s His agenda.”


“Love Covers” is the first single from the AGAPE EROS album.  “Love Covers” is a sweetly arranged worship ballad about God’s unconditional Love.  “Love Covers” features guest vocals fromClifford R. Flowers, Jr., Duane X. Gray, Todd Gholar, CD Porter, Darren Franklin, Steve Swann, Rob Mercer and Germain O. Bryant.  These gentlemen make up Music Society.

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 “When Holy Spirit gave me ‘Love Covers’ I prayed first,” Javon explains.  “I wanted each note and lyric to be conveyed by one who overcame through the unconditional love of God; that their victorious anointing would permeate and inspire listeners on how God’s love covers.”

He continues about Music Society, “These awesome guys are more than just great artists, outstanding musicians and worship leaders, they’re my brothers with powerful testimonies. And because they clowned the original group name I came up with (“Chicken & Waffles”), “Music Society” was birthed.”

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