No Wait Probate

No Wait Probate Is Back with a Twist!

No Wait Probate is back!  Residents now have the option to again wait inside or outside in their vehicles for service. 

For service, residents can now still pull a ticket from the kiosk machine and wait inside the lobby for service or go to the kiosk machine and choose to receive a text message and then text your ticket number to the number printed on the ticket.  You will receive a response message listing your estimated wait time for service. 

Please be advised that wait times are subject to change without notice.  And, if you decide to receive a text message, please do not leave that office’s parking lot.

The No Wait Probate system is designed to provide customer flexibility and reduce wait times in our busy offices. 

To check wait times at our satellite offices please visit or mobile app or the Montgomery County’s Probate Court’s website at